May 31st, 2018

Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3.0T

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  • Ultra-light magnet
  • State-of-the-art zero helium boil-off magnet
  • Unique 70 cm patient bore
  • TrueForm™ Design


The Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3.0T MRI system is an open-bore imaging system equipped with Tim&174; (Total Imaging Matrix) technology. Tim enables you to configure coils tailored to your clinical need. Intelligent Coil Control then automatically detects and selects appropriate coil elements and your exam can be performed with one click.

Each used Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3.0T MRI system accommodates patients up to 550 lbs. and features a TrueForm™ ultra-light magnet and gradient design designed to fit your patient’s body. With an available field of view of 50 × 50 x 45 cm, you will be able to provide a wide array of diagnostic services.

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