1.0T LX System; 1.0T Horizon HiSpeed Gradients; Patient Table; Body and Head Coil; Phased Array; ACGD Gradients; 1,28 MB BAM; Reflex 50; 1.0T SX Actively Shielded Magnet; Color; LCD Monitor; Cryogen Level is 56% as of 10/15/13; Software: Echo Planar Imaging; Fast Gradient Echo; Cine; Fast Spin echo & Flair; DW EPI; Flair EPI; Special; SSFSE; Three Plane Localizer; E3D TOF; FSE_XL; Sgdperf; Functool; Voxtool; Intervascular Imaging; Clairiview; T2 Breathhold; T1 Breathhold; MRCP3; Coils:

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