GE Signa EXCITE 3.0T

  • Greater anatomical coverage in less time
  • Patented GE technologies reduce in-bore acoustic noise and manage SAR
  • True 1024 acquisitions
  • GE 8-Channel 3.0T Neurovascular Array for complete neurovascular exams, including high-resolution carotids acquired in less than 3 minutes
  • GE’s 3.0T pulse sequence optimization demonstrates artifact-free 0.3mm effective slice thinness through the internal auditory canals
  • Single acquisition spine imaging without the need for multiple table movements and multiple acquisitions
  • Patient weight limit of 159 kg (350 lbs)
  • Unique CT-like 60 cm (2 ft) Bore (tube) diameter with the highest levels of magnetic field homogeneity
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. 12,000 kg (26,455 lbs)

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